Inkfish is a full-service advertising, marketing and design firm located in Great Falls, Montana.

Ok. That is the “official” definition. However, we like to think of ourselves more as relationship builders. After all, our goal is not to simply promote your service or sell your product, it is to build a relationship between your brand and your market. That is why everything we produce is built upon a solid messaging platform that connects with your audience, rather than simply attracts them, and is delivered in a uniquely creative way.

This will be most evident when you start to work with Inkfish. We refer to our clients as partners because we work closely together with a common vision and goal. By building a solid relationship, we can better understand your business and more successfully communicate your brand message. We like to think of ourselves more as part of your business, we just don’t drink all your coffee and leave half-eaten doughnuts in the break room.

With today’s technology, we can service clients and accounts located anywhere in the world.

This gives us the unique opportunity to do so from anywhere we choose. So why not a place where you can drop a fly into a blue-ribbon trout stream on the way home from work, dance in 27 inches of fresh, fluffy powder under a bluebird sky and have a char-grilled bison tenderloin with a local award-winning microbrew afterward? We couldn’t think of anywhere better either. But most of all, we live in Montana because of the people, culture, lifestyle and values. Spend a few days walking through any town in Montana and you’ll see what we mean.

You know that guy that always plays by the rules, does everything “by-the-book” and never surprises anyone? Yeah, that’s not us.

We are the other guy who always questions the status quo. The one who always does things differently than everyone else, just because it‘s different from anyone else. We’re that guy. We don’t believe in canned marketing campaigns and strategies that are rolled out year after year, regardless of the client, with no return on your investment.  We believe in getting to know you, understanding your goals and objectives, and developing a marketing strategy that performs, regardless of your budget. We are creatively driven and believe that great ideas, creative execution and strategic implementation always win the day.