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This is Inkfish Creative.


Inkfish Creative is
proud to be working with
Showdown Ski Area.
With arguably the best natural
snow in the state,
a family-friendly atmosphere &
diverse terrain, this spot
practically shot itself.
High-energy, fun and fast-paced,
it just makes you WANT to ski!
Inkfish shreds with
Skiers Edge
Inkfish has begun working with
Skiers Edge in Great Falls.
We are excited and proud
to have them on board.
Custom motion graphics give your TV or Broadcast project punch!


Always seeking new ways to get your message noticed.

Responsive, Auto-scale & Auto-resize

Staying ahead of the curve.

Just when you think your marketing strategy is right in line with your goals, consumer interaction rears its ugly head and throws us a curve ball. In today's changing digital marketplace, it is imperative to stay connected with changing trends, behaviors, expectations and technologies. Inkfish takes pride in staying in tune with how consumers and customers interact with your brand. Communicating to your demographic in the best and most effective means possible, whether that means utilizing today's leading technologies, taking advantage of expanding social networks or good, old fashioned grass roots marketing, we have the knowledge, creativity and experience necessary to drive that curve right out of the park!


Following is a list of services and capabilities provided by Inkfish Creative. Please contact us with any questions regarding any service we provide or may be omitted from this list.

  • Brand & Identity Development
  • Interactive and Web Site Development
  • Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Broadcast Editing
  • Photography
  • Social Networking
  • Creative Concepting & Ideation
  • Creative Writing
  • Public Relations

Inkfish Services


It's all about relationships these days. The relationship you build with your customer base, the relationship between you and your vendors, even the relationships that are present every day in your own business. They are the backbone that breeds success. Inkfish Creative believes everything is built upon a solid relationship. That is why we look at our clients more as partners, working collaboratively together to best accomplish their goals and strengthen the relationship with their customers.


A peek at our best.

Inkfish Top Campaigns

Advsertising Agencies always say "This is our BEST campaign". For us, that is difficult to pin-point. There have been so many, and successful for so many different reasons. Some were successful creatively, some more for thier innovative approach, some simply to showcase our breadth of clientele and medium experience, and others are just plain fun. Take a look and enjoy.